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Why Write in Your Vote?

Are you dissatisfied with the 2008 presidential candidates? Frankly, do the presumed Democratic and Republican nominees scare you? Do you feel like you are picking between the lesser of two evils and the candidates are out-of-touch with the issues that concern you?

If you are displeased with the field of candidates, you can write in a candidate that pleases you and shares your concerns in the 2008 presidential election!

Do you feel John McCain is too much like George Bush? If elected, he would more than likely keep troops in Iraq for the long haul. He said the war in Iraq could last 100 years if that is what it takes to get the job done. Do we really want someone like that as our president?

Do we really know who the “real” Barrack Obama is? He can talk for two hours and not say anything. He says he wants change but has never said what he is specifically going to do to make changes. Does he have the experience to be a good president? He has been a senator for only one term!

Do you feel Hillary Clinton is too power hungry since she as not dropped out of the race yet? If by a long shot she does win, it will make the United States look like an aristocracy with a Bush, a Clinton, another Bush, then another Clinton as president.

By voting for a write-in presidential candidate in the 2008 election, you will send a message. Your vote will be a vote of “no confidence” in the current electoral system and in conventional candidates, demonstrating that the two-party system does not give Americans enough options. Writing in a candidate is a chance for voters to have a greater say in the electoral process and vote for their preferred candidate, even though that candidate’s name may not appear on the ballot. Writing in a candidate is a way of saying “none of the above.” In 2008, vote for a write in candidate to make a statement!