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Nominated Write In Candidates

This page features profiles of potential 2008 presidential candidates users would prefer over the conventional Democratic and Republican nominees.

Former Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is a popular write-in choice for the 2008 presidential election. Known as a true conservative and a “man of the people,” Paul has gained quite a following as a write-in candidate. Several websites have sprung up promoting Paul as a write-in presidential candidate. Many Americans like Ron Paul because he does not believe in big government and wants to do away with pointless government bureaucracy, scale back government spending and end federal income tax.

Another top write-in presidential candidate could be former Massachusetts Governor and 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics CEO Mitt Romney, another former Republican candidate. Popular among conservatives, many believe Romney would bolster the economy if elected president based on his experience as founder and CEO of a venture capitalist and investment firm. If he decided to run a write-in campaign, he would have an excellent chance at earning Utah’s electoral votes, which would make a statement.

If you want to vote for a truly unconventional candidate, consider writing in Daniel Kingery , an Arizonan whose platform includes abolishing the legislature and requiring instead that the people vote on all legislation. He also wants to change the definition of treason, making it illegal for politicians to lie while campaigning. He is raffling away his 1986 Crown Victoria to raise money for his campaign.

Do you feel that none of the aforementioned write-in presidential candidates deserves your vote? If so, do not fear. Through, you can create a profile promoting your chosen candidate’s 2008 write-in campaign. Our website can be one of your main vehicles for gaining support for your write-in campaign in the 2008 presidential election. Register now to create a page promoting the write-in candidate you would like to nominate – even if it is yourself!