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How to Write In Your VOTE!

You or someone you know could run for president in the 2008 election!

Do you feel like you would be an excellent president? Do you know someone who would be an excellent president – possibly better than the current selection of presidential candidates? If you answered yes to of these questions, either help your well-qualified friend or relative become a write-in presidential candidate, or become a write-in candidate yourself.

If you have a platform and supporters, you can become a write-in candidate. will help you in the process, serving as an excellent resource for publicizing write-in campaigns and encouraging those feeling disenfranchised by the 2008 presidential election to write in themselves or vote for another write-in candidate.

If you want to nominate yourself or nominate another person as a write-in presidential candidate, register on and create a page promoting yourself or your preferred candidate as a 2008 presidential hopeful. Once a nominated candidate garners 100 votes, he or she will appear in the drop-down menu on the home page. Remember, if you want your write-in presidential candidates’ to have a chance in the 2008 election, you must encourage them to file letters of intent in the states where they want their votes to count.