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Voter Choices

When you vote for a write-in candidate in the 2008 presidential election, you will be making a statement. Your write-in vote would show that:

  • Two candidate choices are not enough
  • None of the major party candidates have earned your vote
  • You can vote for whom you choose, even if your candidate’s name does not appear on the ballot
  • Politicians should be ordinary citizens who can relate with everyday people and not be part of the elite
  • It is time for independents and third-party candidates to be taken seriously
  • The time of Democrats’ and Republicans’ first-class status compared to independents and third parties is past

What if you, or someone you know, registered as a write-in presidential candidate in your home state and generated enough support to win that state’s electoral votes? Taking away your state’s electoral votes from one of the 2008 Democratic and Republican presidential candidates would generate the kind of recognition that would force the major parties to address the concerns of the independents and third parties.