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Richard Giraldo

Richard Giraldo I am the real change and hope of America's future. I plan to bring peace and love that this country is lacking as of late.

to live up to all men/women are created equal regardless of race , color , gender , sexual orientation and religion. Therefore we all deserve equal fairness and treatment.

Under my presidency , we will be United as a whole.

I will be the shoulder that u can lean on when sad or in need of support. the president is nothing without the support of his people.

Problems are solved and worked out if the president listens to the people's concerns , ideas and suggestions. To be open minded and truthful.

The presidency is never easy for anyone who has ever held such an honorable position.

global terrorism Isis will end for good , I believe we must destroy them with strategy and intelligence...but most importantly by coming together with our Allied countries in Europe showing No mercy

Isis is still a threat because we are not United , but instead divided with arguments and fights among each other
team effort is needed.

I will end the threat of a possible nuclear war with North Korea , and the aggression of China by peaceful face to face meetings. I'm smart to know when it is necessary to go to war and when its better to negotiate peacefully.

I plan to create an environmental safety program that will be dedicated to educate people of the real actual dangers of pollution and global warming.

I believe that its America's duty to help in anyway we can victims in other countries of poverty , hunger and natural disaster conditions so we show America cares

I don't believe in a huge wall at the border to keep illegal immigrants out. That's not change.

the border wall brings more suicides , shootings of innocent people and children , and problems with Mexico's president.

I will keep drugs from being smuggled in and out of USA , but I plan to work with the Mexican president to resolve this with peaceful intelligent talks.

so Why am I the man for being next US president?

because i have the looks , the moves, the never say quit attitude , I can bring faith and put smiles back on people's faces.

With no secrets or lies I will win the election clean.I don't need nor want any nation's help to make me win. I have God and my people.

My idea of healthCare plan will be called WeThePeopleCare....for U the American people...because to me The People come first before my needs.

gun violence will STOP. I will be working with congress and legislation to outlaw anyone who isn't law enforcement from having guns PERIOD.

It breaks my heart to see innocent bystanders keep getting killed because of guns and gang violence

I have the looks , the charm , motivation and everything else to bring up the hope

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