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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Due to the RNC and DNC doing everything they can to prevent 3rd party candidates from being part of the general election debates, Mickey Mouse has stepped in to make it clear that when the game of politics becomes cartoonish, it's time for the cartoons to fight back.

Mickey is a damned fine citizen and plans on being part of a third party debate, and ultimately, a third party that is very much in tune with real liberty, and won't spend $2.5 billion dollars in a democrat and republican spending spree to be the best politicians money can buy.

Vote Mickey Mouse. He's small, but he can kick your ass and he eats cheese.

Mickey Mouse write in poll: 6

Out of the users that have visited this site 6 out of 66437 say they would write in Mickey Mouse if they knew the write in would help get him elected for president. (Not every candidate is registered/eligible for write in votes in every state).

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