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Belinda Noah

Belinda Noah Belinda Noah is a candidate for Florida U. S. Senate

Candidate for U. S. Senate 2010 Platform: Healthcare: Preventive healthcare must take center stage as the mechanism for maintaining good health and controlling healthcare cost; Funding for preventive healthcare measures must be increased; Older Americans must have access to the insurance plan that Congress has. Individuals should be free to manage their own health needs through Flexible Savings accounts and Medical Savings Accounts. Crime: A Constitutional amendment is needed to protect victims' rights. An effective program of rehabilitation is needed, where appropriate, and community-based diversion programs for first time offenders must be supported. Gun Control: The constitutional right to bear arms must be defended. Any federal licensing of law-abiding gun owners and national gun registration is a violation of the Second Amendment, and is an invasion of the privacy of honest citizens. Abortion: The unborn child has a fundamental right to life; A human life amendment must be added to the Constitution; Public funds must not be used for abortions; the pro-life agenda must not include punitive action against women who have an abortion.

Belinda Noah write in poll: 5

Out of the users that have visited this site 5 out of 66431 say they would write in Belinda Noah if they knew the write in would help get him elected for president. (Not every candidate is registered/eligible for write in votes in every state).

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